Play Concept - Upper Riverbank Playroom - 1
Upper Riverbank Playroom

The playroom in Upper River Bank is a 3 levels play area. The general idea is based on three environments: the sea, the land, and the sky. We turned the playroom into a Sky-land-sea adventure where children can easily get around levels and space through vertical interconnections with a visual experience through openings between levels. 

Every single level represents one of the environments and has each got a special distinctive element. For example, to depict the Sea, the climber and slide are used to represent a coral reef. Meanwhile, a fisherman village and boat are used to present the Land, with the added purpose for kids to climb, slide, rest, and play in nooks. Simultaneously, the Sky level is illustrated by airships and is a space for children to climb and slide.


Client: Upper Riverbank
Completed Date: 2022 
Location: Kai Tak, Hong Kong