Play Concept - ISF Pre-school Indoor Playground - 1
ISF Pre-school Indoor Playground

A unique aerial tunnel play system was installed in the ISF Pre-school indoor playground. The aerial tunnel play system gathered numerous play values. There are 2 vertical climbers and a maze climber to access to the aerial tunnel. Students can travel over the classrooms and whole play areas inside the aerial tunnel. It would be very exciting for pre-school children. They can exit from the tunnel by the tube slide at the end of the tunnel. 

Inside the aerial tunnel, there are rope walks and balance beams which provide physical challenges for students. Besides the challenging equipment, various sensory plays, such as percussion metal pipes, speaking tubes, telescope, are also installed in the tunnel. These sensory plays provide mental and sensory development for young children.


Client: ISF
Completed Date: 2020
Location: Kennedy Town, Hong Kong