Play Concept - ISF Pre-school Indoor Playground - 1
ISF Pre-school Indoor Playground


In the ISF Pre-school indoor playground, a unique aerial tunnel play system encompasses the space, gathering numerous play values and allows students to travel over classrooms and the whole play area. This exciting space is perfect for pre-school children. 

To access the aerial tunnel, there are two vertical climbers and a maze climber, and to exit the tunnel they can slide down the tube slide located at the end of the tunnel. In addition, to create a dynamic space inside the aerial tunnel, there are rope walks and balance beams to physically challenge students and help develop their balance and coordination skills. 

Other than the challenging equipment, various sensory plays, such as percussion metal pipes, speaking tubes, telescope, are also installed in the tunnel. These sensory plays enhance fine motor skill and help mental and sensory development in young children.

By adopting a minimalistic design with a bright white and wooden pallet, the space feels clean and uncluttered making it the perfect environment for students to learn. 


Client: ISF
Completed Date: 2020
Location: Kennedy Town, Hong Kong